22 Customer Testimonials

  1. Oland Property Loss Consultants went above and beyond our expectations in handling our claim…. (Total loss of our home and most of our personal property due to fire). Michael, with his care and concern, kept us in the loop with our insurance company, fought all the hard and unforeseen battles and secured a settlement that was MORE THAN FAIR. We consider Michael a GOOD FRIEND. He has continued to keep in contact and is currently involved in the rebuilding process of not only our home… but our lives.

    We received a call from our family when we were vacationing in Hawaii. An unusually cold ice storm had caused the pipes to freeze and crack in the condo above us. We returned home to find our ceilings had collapsed, water had devastated our entire condo and we were so fortunate to have Oland Property Consultants orchestrate the recovery of our losses. Not only is he is an excellent negotiator but he settled us into a Motel for 2 1/2 months to relieve the stress of the ongoing weeks and months’ deliberations with the Insurance Company and the extensive re-construction. Thank you Michael Oland for a job superbly completed, a perfect settlement, and for your friendship.

  3. When our home was ravaged by Hurricane Irene a family member recomended Michael Oland. We could not imagine how we would ever be able to deal with the disaster that occurred. We needed to salvage what was left, figure out how to deal with the insurance company and find a place for our family.

    Michael Oland came to our rescue. His knowledge, experience and truly caring nature were evident from the moment he arrived. We immediately new we were in good hands.

    Michael explained our rights and assisted in every step. The insurance company respected Michaels understanding of our rights. Coordination of all necessary parties were taken care of by Michael.

    There was never a question as to meeting our housing needs for the months required to restore our home. Payment for comparable living space was immediately arranged. Michael Oland brought in clean up and restoration contractors and competent experts to determine structural and refinishing needs. He managed all contacts with local officials and negotiations with the insurance company. Everything came together with a minimum of hassle. We are so very appreciative.

    We look at our home today and reflect on what could have been a nightmare. But instead we experienced a miracle.
    Thank you Michael Oland!

    Harvey and Regina Goldstein

  4. When people say “you’re in good hands”, they are referring to the team of Michael and Justin Oland. I have seen them in action and they are terrific. My next door neighbor experienced a house fire that kept them from occupying their home for over one year. If it were not for Justin and Michael, my neighbors ordeal would not have ended in one year or on a happy note.
    All through that journey they fought diligently to obtain the information that would give this family the money needed to persevere, rebuild, and get their lives back together.
    I saw this first hand as I live next door to this family.
    My neighbors thank me all the time. Why? I recommended the Oland’s. Thanks for making me look like genius . . . continued success.

  5. Justin was a true professional from when I first spoke to him through the entire process. After speaking with Justin shortly after the loss, he contacted Chubb and set up an appointment with the Chubb Adjuster. At the appointed time, Justin, the Chub Adjuster and a Construction Specialist arrived at my home within a week. The Construction Specialist was knowledgeable about what needed to be repaired or replaced and the cost of damages. Given that this was a 1912 luxury home that was all original and in excellent shape, it was impressive how knowledgeable he was. After several weeks, Justin provide a price for damages of the building separately from the damages to the contents which far exceeded what we thought we would get. Without his help we would have been paid much less than we ultimately received. You simply must use his services if you expect to be properly compensated for your loss. Regards,
    Dominic Florio

  6. I had major water damage in my basement and Allstate originally denied my claim. I hired Justin and things completely turned around. Justin got Allstate to pay the claim with a extremely gracious settlement. I don’t know what I would have done without Justin. He is extremely professional and hard working.
    I would refer him to anyone!

  7. I cannot say enough good things about Oland Property Loss Consultants. I came home one night to water coming through my ceiling and wall due to a leaking pipe. I braced myself for a long road ahead of arguing with my insurance company to help pay for repairs. As per a recommendation from friends and family, I called Michael Oland and my headache went away. Michael kept me informed every step of the way of what he needed, as well as updates from the insurance company. The process was so quick and easy, which was a true result from Michael’s wonderful communication skills with both my insurance company and me. I am extremely happy with the settlement and I would definitely call Oland Property Loss Consultants again if I were ever in need. I cannot recommend them enough.

  8. Justin and Michael put our minds at ease as soon as we spoke with them. They went above and beyond for us and exceeded our expectations. I’m so glad that we had the privilege of working with them. I highly recommend them and hope that other families take advantage in hiring them if you ever have property loss. They made the process so easy. Thank you Oland Property Loss Consultants!

  9. Let me first start by saying how grateful I am for Justin’s help through this stressful event…I had a PSEG/power line neutral wire corrode causing ALL of my major appliances and some outlets to fry..PSEG took zero responsibility and ALLSTATE was horrible throughout the entire ordeal..Allstate lost my paperwork, never returned phone calls, I was juggled around to so many different people with inaccurate information. I needed someone to help me get the ball rolling with this claim because I wasn’t getting anywhere with Allstate..I contacted Justin through a group on Facebook since we live in the same town…I cannot say how lucky I was to find a person/company that was able to settle this claim with such ease..Justin was so down to earth, made it easy for me to understand all the “insurance talk” and was so detailed with all the info I provided..kept me in the loop the entire time and was able to get results and answers…I am so very appreciative and thankful! I HIGHLY recommend Justin/Oland property loss consultants to anyone I know that is having trouble trying to get answers from an insurance company. Big thanks again!!!!!

  10. We had a great experience working with Justin. He handled everything from start to finish and kept us in the loop every step of the way. He took care of all of the negotiations with our insurance company and made the process as seamless as can be. I would highly recommend using Oland Property Loss Consultants. Thanks again Justin!

  11. Had a great experience! Had a fairly massive loss and Michael was prompt and efficient in helping me deal with the adjusters. Highly recommend hiring them to handle your insurance claim.

  12. I have known Michael Oland for the past 8 years and he and his company have been a life saver for my family and I. Twice in the past 8 years we have had water damage in our home and both times Michael was at our home within 24 hours after the damage occurred to make sure all of our problems would be solved quickly and correctly. Michael was there from the beginning until the end! Michael – you are a good man!

  13. Michael Oland fought for us and guided us through one of the most difficult experiences a family can encounter. Many people were out to take advantage of us. Oland PLC were genuine and they were on our side from day one. They fought our insurance company and gave us great advice in dealing with scheming contractors and a deceitful condominium management company. We are very grateful for Oland PLC. Please don’t do it alone. Get some fighters on your side. Hire Oland PLC.

  14. Just when disaster hit, we were referred to Michael and Justin Oland. With Oland PLC, you get a genuine team on your side, as if you are family to them. They are open and honest, and did everything to get as high of a claim for my family. Deciding not to go at the claim process alone is smart, as the insurance companies will do anything they can to not pay out. They fought for us hard, and my family and I are extremely grateful. Thank you Justin and Michael.

  15. Michael has been wonderful. He has been responsive and productive. We recommend him without reservation.

  16. There was a major flood in my house, leaving my family in total disarray… We first met with Justin and he explained his services and how the process would work. They were referred to us by a friend and now I know why. The entire process was handled so professionally and it greatly assisted in lowering my family’s stress level. Things played out exactly how Justin mentioned and Michael basically “held our hand” through each step. This painful and wrenching ordeal was made as efficient as possible. We were always informed of next steps and of any communication between Michael and the insurance company’s people. We were very happy with the compensation received and I know Michael had a big impact in fighting for every penny. I will absolutely insist that anyone going through a similar situation uses their help and I will surely be one of their biggest advocates going forward!

  17. I called Michael, who came highly recommended, on a Saturday afternoon after I discovered a leak behind the walls in my basement. He came to my house the next day and knew exactly what to do. He took care of everything, from scheduling the cleanup to all communications with my insurance company. I did not have to do a thing. He made the process so easy for us and he maximized our settlement amount. Michael and his team were the best – a pleasure to deal with!

  18. Your home is the most important purchase you can make. You count on your home for safety, shelter and a place to raise your kids. So when you receive a letter from the insurance company that promised to always be there for you, informing you that they are declining what you consider to be a very valid claim, it can be a very harrowing, scary and frustrating experience. Justin and Oland PLC examined our claim, knew that we were being denied due to the level of damage we were claiming and not the legitimacy of the claim, and immediately gave us a plan, walked us through the process, and were at our sides throughout. Justin advocated for us every step of the way. He joined us on every phone call we had with the insurance company, organized all inspections, and provided us a detailed report of damages and expected costs. Had we just accepted the insurance company’s finding, we would never have been able to afford the repairs needed to keep our home safe. Justin and Oland PLC are a truly professional, knowledgeable, and caring group who put the needs of their clients first and foremost. If only insurance companies could be described the same way.

  19. My husband and I reached out to Oland Property Loss after having an extensive problem in our home due to a burst pipe. Justin got on the phone with us right away, and then immediately came to assess the damage. He worked through the problem with the restoration company, plumbers, insurance company, etc….everything that we couldn’t do with working full time! His knowledge in this business helped us greatly. He always made himself available to be at our home when a worker or the insurance company was here. We highly recommend working with Justin and his team- they are top notch in this industry.

  20. Justin rocks!! Had raccoon issues. Was patient, professional, attentive and a true gentleman all the way through the loooong process. I used all the people he recommended. There was a natural trust- felt like you were dealing with a friend. I would highly recommend Oland Property Loss Consultants.

  21. Michael and Justin worked with me on a recent claim. We had a flood in our home due to a pipe issue. They were both extremely professional and knowledgeable and walked us throughout the entire process. They made sure we were made whole from the damage and made what would have otherwise been a very stressful experience, a complete pleasure. I highly recommend their services. They are excellent at what they do.

  22. I reached out to Oland Property Loss after learning that my insurance company will not cover my water damages. Michael and Justin came to the rescue, they came in assess the damages and reviewed our coverage. They took over handling the claim, kept us informed and answered all of our questions. Low and behold, went from the claim being denied to receiving a settlement. If you are ever in a similar unfortunate situation, do not hesitate to contact Oland Property Loss Consultants.


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